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The Path to Success is About Choices

In this guest posts, Russell J. White, shares some insights on success and failure.


Did the leaders of Enron start out trying to lie to their investors? Did Bernie Madoff intend on defrauding those who trusted and believe in him? Did you wake up this morning intent on getting so upset in a 2 pm meeting where you said things in anger that could cost you your job? No, but it happens every day.

Have you ever asked how did we get here?

Every day we are faced with infinite possibilities and hundreds of decisions. The path those decisions leads us on has us end up where we brought ourselves to. Without question there is randomness and luck involved in the decisions we face. Read Malcolm Gladwell’s excellent book Outliers on the impact fortune has on our lives.

What we do with those decisions is our choice and ultimately leads us to face the next set of choices along that path. Most of us have faced decisions to try cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, illicit activity, and to cheat, to lie, to over-indulge, we get to prioritize our lives as we decide. These become significant choices that significantly impact who we become. Each day we set our path face critical moments that propel us along.

How have the decisions you made as a teenager impacted you today?

How did your college choice change your perspective on life?

What did you decide six months ago that has you now reaping those results?

There is no one path to success or one path to ruin. We choose our own way. The critical moments occur in considering the choices you make on each decision. With each decision ask yourself, “Does this get me to where I want to go?” Whether it is personal choices or professional choices, you need to consider which direction each step takes you.

Know where you want to go.

Know the direction you want to take to reach that end point.

With each step make progress along the path of your choosing.

I often hear people wanting to experience success and they always ask, “How do I get there?” You can’t borrow another person’s playbook because it won’t fit your decisions you face. You achieve success with each step in the right direction. Choose your decision steps with the desired result in mind.


Russell J. White, President of is one of America’s leading business growth strategists. He is an author, consultant, international speaker and business expert on leadership, marketing and growth strategies. Since 1991 Russell has worked with hundreds of clients.  He has been a frequent guest on television and radio. He is considered both a motivational speaker and a business expert.  Russell also writes and publishes the Grow Your Business blog.  Contact him at 803-984-9448 or


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