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Do you have a good Scanner?

Technology is an important piece of what you do and we’ll offer you great productivity if you use the right technology. If you’re using a computer that you bought in 2015, it’s probably time for an upgrade. Do yourself a favor and upgrade your technology on a regular basis to make sure that you are not wasting your time waiting for things to happen and limping along.

Another perfect example of this is your scanner, do you have a good scanner? And when we talk about a scanner, I want to make sure you have a sheet feeds scanner, not the time that you have to open up and scan each page, kind of like a copy machine.

Check out the best deals on a sheet feed scanner, we highly recommend ScanSnap scanners or Fujitsu scanners. They work well with most all equipment and they’re very reliable in the last year and they last long time. I have a ScanSnap that I bought about seven years ago now that is still top of the line.

Yes, I’ve probably paid about $900 for it then. But if you think about how long I’ve used that and how often I use it well worth the money. It’s a color scanner, you don’t need to spend that much think $300, $400.Go find a great scanner to make sure that you can be very productive.

A sheet feed scanner will feed all of the sheets right into your scanner and go page after page at mail. So do both sides of the paper. Use that to scan receipts or to scan documents, stop keeping all the paper. It’s an unreliable place to keep your data. There are great solutions and we can help you find just the right solution for you to make sure that all of your documents are accessible no matter where you’re at.

So please do yourself a favor, invest in a scanner. I’ll post some of my favorites in the comments and the links for ScanSnap so you can check them out.

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