Using Quickbooks® as your accounting software can be helpful but it can also give a false sense of security.  Let’s say your Quickbooks® file is like the one I saw at a client’s office the other day — it contains over 14 years of transactions now.  Yes, it is big, but what would happen if your computer crased?  What if your computer was in a fire, was stolen, or your file become corrupted beyond repair?  You really could be operating without a net.  Many people tell me they make a back up so this would not be a problem.  I ask, “where is your back up?”  Usually, I will hear “on my hard drive” or “its on this USB stick in the computer.”  This is not a back up protection plan.

Oh, and let’s not forget about the employee who got mad and walked out the back door of the restaurant with the computer under his arm.  He took the whole “backup” process with him.  Nice security, eh!

Do yourself a favor and secure your accounting data today.  We offer Quickbooks® hosting services that allow you the freedom to use your Quickbooks® file anywhere you have access to the internet and free yourself of all of the software security issues as I described.

Benefits of QuickBooks hosting are:

(1) Anytime anywhere access09-proadvisor-qb-76x120
(2) Instant connectivity
(3) High speed connectivity
(4) Full featured remote access
(5) Multiuser access
(6) Always on monitoring
(7) Multiple backups
(8) Daily backup for increased data safety
(9) Latest anti virus protection tools
(10) Highly protected data centers
(11) Password Protected Access

Reduce IT Infrastructure Costs

With QuickBooks® Hosting Services, you do not have to install any versions of the QuickBooks® on any of your systems, as they are installed and run on the terminal servers. Not only that, since QuickBooks® Hosting on the Terminal Servers makes it independent of your computer, you need not invest in upgrading when your computer is growing older, and also to operate the application on your chosen operating system.  If you use a Mac computer, you no longer have to settle for the Mac version of Quickbooks®.  You can use the up to date full PC version with no additional software or IT concerns and no compatibility concerns.

Security And Reliability

Security of your data and files is unquestionably most essential to your business. Threat to data security can occur either due to laxity in data transfer in the network or threat to the server storage features. Data backed up locally may suffer if the data lost accidently or due to spywares or viruses. QuickBooks® Hosting allows the storage of data in the safest way possible. The data of your application is saved in our highly protected data centers regularly as well as there is multiple backups of your files. Besides that, data transfer is also safe as it is enabled through highly encrypted data transferred protocol. Further, you have the reliability of  heavily protected data centers as well as confidentiality that your data is only accessed by you.