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The Consumer Financial Protection Agency – Washington’s Latest Power Grab

I just got through reading an interesting post on from my Senator,  Jim DeMint, warning us of the latest power grab from Washington.  The proposed financial regulation bill runs more than 1,500 pages and is yet another in a series of massive freedom crushing pieces of legislation that are being shoved down the throats of the American people.

A major problem with the bill is that it is so far reaching.  It goes far beyond regulating companies such as AIG and Goldman Sachs.  As the bill is currently written will require any business that asses late fees OR allows customers to make payments in more than four installments to be treated under the same terms as AIG, Freddie Mac and Goldman Sachs.    This could have huge ramifications for small businesses – many of whom assess late fees on their past due receivables or who offer payment arrangements for their customers.  Given all of the other increased tax and regulatory burdens bearing down on small business – this is yet another that we do not need.    Not only is this going to be an increased burden on virtually every business in America, it will create yet another government bureaucracy that will give taxpayers a very poor return on the tax dollars it waste to establish and maintain the monstrosity.

According to Senator DeMint, one of the hardest areas to be hit will be healthcare – particularly orthodontists and their patients.  Currently, the cost of braces are typically done through a payment plan with the orthodontist.  Under the proposed law, this payment plan will come under the jurisdiction of yet another government bureaucracy – the new Consumer Financial Protection Agency which is slated to regulate all of these transactions.

Senator DeMint states that “the banking regulation bill was supposed to crack down on Wall Street, but it’s just another power grab that’s going to hurt Main Street doctors, dentists and small-town businesses. And, certainly the families who struggle to find ways to pay for their doctor bills.”

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