Beyond the Books

Over the horizon of the ledgers and charts shines the sea of possibility. 

Don’t waste another precious moment making expensive mistakes or guesswork out of your financial foundations. 

Chad and Donna Bordeaux

Harness the true earning potential of your enterprise by building a trust relationship with professionals who can help you distill information critical to decision-making and manage financial expectations for the next month, year, and beyond. 

Get a capable confidante, someone who can help you make the most of your money moves, eyes ever vigilant on air-tight books, cash flow projections, and tax-time preparation. 

On the scene to aid and assist, Calculated Moves is the cloud-based CPA Firm and Small Business Growth Strategist. We’ve spent a lifetime honing the kind of skills that help people create a financial foundation, keep it lean and clean, and fortify it over time. 

We’re CPAs, bookkeepers, tax preparers, cash-flow forecasters, and virtual CFOs. We got your back on bookkeeping, budgeting, and bonuses. We’ll help you create the sustainable systems that keep the ships sailing on time and the risk at bay. 

Calculated Moves is here to help you get more done — way more — with your resources. The kind of charmed life you choose to create with those resources? Well, that’s up to you. 


Our Story

Calculated Moves (and all of her enterprises) is the brainchild of Donna and Chad Bordeaux, CPAs and entrepreneurs on fire who believe that if you can get everyone on your team dancing with the same intention, family businesses can and will achieve their goals with grace and grit.

How can they be so sure? Why, they did it themselves, of course. 

What started as a small side hustle to escape from an unhealthy and toxic work environment in corporate America is now a thriving practice managing over 90 clients. 

Over the course of twenty-five years, Donna and Chad followed a nimble and innovative plan to build the best Accounting firm in the world. And they did it without losing their minds. 

By growing slowly, but with intention and action, the Bordeauxs established a quick reputation for being the go-to people to help businesses gain financial empowerment. They didn’t do it by investing oodles of dollars into heavy advertising or slick marketing; they did it by creating one quality client at a time and nurturing that relationship over a lifetime. So when Donna built the side hustle to a freelance enterprise, and then to a sustainable income for herself (and a happy replacement to that soul-sucking 9-to-5), they knew they were on to something. 

Chad added an accounting degree to his marketing degree, and after a few years in Corporate, Calculated Moves had grown to the capacity to support both wife + husband full time, working side by side to bolster the business community and help other small businesses fall in love with themselves all over again. 

More growth meant Donna’s mom Nancy could join the family business, relocating from Ohio and embracing her role as administrative manager. And when son Zack was old enough to engage, he joined the fun as social media manager. 

Now, Calculated Moves supports a thriving organization and talented bookkeepers and preparers.

So you see, Donna and Chad know exactly what it means to face the challenges of building a family business you can be proud of—and to take a break from—and are here to help you make it happen for you, too. Ain’t life grand?