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We are here and ready to lend a hand to help Business Owners apply for the SBA Disaster Loan.  The process is quite lengthy and requires a lot of information so it’s not for the weak at heart.  You’ll need to have good records, good credit and a proven track record in your business.  If we feel that you are eligible, we will help you gather data to apply at no additional charge.

SBA’s Economic Impact Disaster Loan (EIDL) Information

  • Eligibility – Any small business operating in an eligible business allowed by the SBA and most non-profits that do not have available credit elsewhere
  • Qualifications – Good credit history; Can demonstrate the ability to repay the loan; Can prove eligibility from economic loss
  • Loan $ Amount – up to $2M based upon the size and type of your business
  • Repayment Terms – 3.75% interest rate with terms up to 30 years
  • Allowed Use of Funds – fixed debts, payroll, and accounts payable. These loans are NOT designed to replace lost sales or profits
  • Collateral – Loans over $25,000 require the business and real estate, if available
  • Application Filing Requirements – Complete SBA loan application form; IRS Form 4507T from all owners and affiliate companies; Most recent federal tax return; Debt schedule (SBA form 2202) and a personal financial statement (SBA form 413) for all owners. Additional information may be requested.


SBA Disaster Loan Eligibility

  • What county is your business located in?
  • How is your business structured?
  • The SBA requires a good credit score to qualify for this type of loan. What range is your credit score currently? (If you don't know, you can download a free report through or a free service like
  • Loans over $25,000 require collateral to be pledged.
  • Allowed Use of Funds – fixed debts, payroll and accounts payable. These loans are NOT designed to replace lost sales or profits
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