We finished up Goal Reviews in May and now its time for tax projections and discussions of strategies to reduce your tax liability.  Our scheduling for Mid Year Tax Planning Meetings is available from September 1 through October 15 and is ready and waiting for you to choose a time.  In order to schedule our meeting, we must have your completed form below and your corporate and individual tax returns for 2018 must be finalized.

Mid Year Tax Projections

  • Is it reasonable for us to assume that revenue for the remainder of the year will be similar to prior years?
  • If No, how should we change our estimate?
  • When was the last price increase you implemented?
  • Expenditures

  • Will you be purchasing any equipment, vehicles, or improve your office space (>$2500) within the next year? If so, please describe the purchase and expected cost.
  • Do you anticipate paying any bonuses to employees other than yourself by the end of the year? If so, how much?
  • Health insurance is always a concern. Tell us a little about your health insurance policy (Group or Individual and the cost for officers) to help us minimize the tax liability related to health insurance.
  • Is your insurance through Healthcare.com?
  • Please provide an estimate of any health care costs you pay out of pocket. Including non-reimbursed co-pays, deductibles, dental, eye exams, and prescription costs.
  • Tax Projection Considerations

  • Does your spouse have W2 income? If yes, please upload a copy of a recent pay stub received to Sharefile for our projection.
  • Have you made estimated tax payments toward your current year liability? If so, please provide amounts and dates for federal and state payments.
  • Please note any significant changes to your income or deductions such as: mortgage refinance, home equity line changes, family changes, stock sales, contribution changes, etc to help make your projection as accurate as possible.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.