We take pride in serving successful Campground Owners across the United States.  Our specialized programs for Campground Owners offer important benefits to help you be even more successful.

Create more Time         Lower Your Taxes       Get Answers

  • Create Time

    • Use the time you take to track your expenses and mileage to earn more  Our Campground Owners spend less than 10 minutes per week on bookkeeping.
  • Lower Your Taxes

    • Use our Campground tax strategies to structure your income to minimize your tax bill LEGALLY.
  • Get Answers to Your Questions

    • We’ll answer those tax and accounting questions that have been on your mind for years in plain English.

Are you one of the 95% of Campground Owners that pay more than you are legally required to?  We find that most Campground Owners do not receive specialized, proactive tax advice to help them minimize their tax liability and protect their commissions.

At Bordeaux & Bordeaux CPAs, we specialize in helping Campground Owners like you reduce your taxes and grow the value of your business.  Our industry knowledge and innovative systems for help you be more productive and minimize the time and effort necessary to keep their financial records in good condition and protect you in the event of an audit.

Imagine tracking all of your records and mileage in less than 10 minutes per week!  That’s just one of the ways we can help you be more productive.

We’ll calculate how much you need to set aside with each closing to cover your tax liability and planning and automatically set up a transfer of the amount needed for taxes so you will avoid surprises when it’s time to pay your taxes in April. We offer customized solutions with an active tax monitoring dashboard so you always know what you need to have set aside.

Let me tell you how much you are wasting on taxes before it’s too late.  It’s free of charge for us to take a look at your prior returns and let you know how much tax waste we can help you recover.  Schedule a time to chat today to learn how we can save you money and time!

We proudly serve Top Campground Owners and Franchises

Throughout the United States.